by Ramesh Mehay, GP Ashcroft Surgery, Bradford.


An introduction to this site

  • These set of educational wiki-pages tell you what health services are available in Bradford.
  • Its primary use is for health professionals (particularly GPs and GP trainees) - educational in terms of what referral options are available in Bradford.
  • If you find any that are out of date, need modifying or replacing with new information, please click the Edit button on the right hand side. By working together collaboratively, we can keep this site alive, active and dynamic.
  • ANYONE can update these pages - no password required.

Why I created this site...As a GP, I found it difficult to keep on top of all the post and emails being sent telling me about new services in the Bradford area. And yet I knew it was important to have a good system to keep hold of these inorder to help my patients as best as I can and make effective use of the resources around me. I noticed that other GPs also didn't have a good system for managing these either. So here it is. A system to capture all that information and be available at your finger tips. The site is organised in a simple way so that you can navigate your way through it easily. Now, you can see what's available in the area and have peace of mind that it's continuously being updated.

How do you keep these pages up to date?Actually, that's where I need your help. Anyone can update any page. You don't need a password either. Just click the edit tab in the top right hand corner, edit the page and then click the save tab (in the horizontal pane above). I am hoping that all health professionals (doctors, nurses, admin staff, allied health care professionals) will all do their bit to update services that they're involved in. If we all do our tiddly little bit, we can keep this site up to date and alive with the minimum of effort. I've put in a quite a bit of initial effort to get this site going - please do your bit to keep it going. By doing your bit, I'm not saying that you'll be editing things day in and day out. Just modify entries on an as an when basis - it might just be something you notice once every few months. Remember, I made this site for YOU.

How do I edit these Wiki pages?It's dead easy. You don't need any log in codes or passwords. That's the beauty of wikis - we can work together freely and creatively to keep this site up to date, and alive. You can even add your own links to resources like referral forms and referral guides and so on. You decide how much to write - but remember, don't overload the user. And the site is so intuitive that you don't even need to know much computer whizz kid stuff to start doing stuff.
  • When you've found a page with something you want to change on it, simply click the 'edit' button in the top right hand corner.
  • When you are finished editing, click the save button in the horizontal navigation menu.
  • Yes, that is all there is too it. Really!
  • And don't be scared - you cannot break the system.

What are Wikis?The Hawaiian word for 'fast' is Wiki, which is apt because these are websites that allow users to collaboratively (and therefore quickly) create, edit, update and expand web pages using their usual web browser (like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). In this way, it is a living, evolving resource and can remain current in a way that traditional encyclopaedias cannot. They are also incredibly easy to access and use. One of the best examples of a wiki is Wikipedia. But wikis can also be a little misleading if a mischief maker has been at work. Hopefully that wont happen here as we'll all keep a close eye out for anything that looks weird.
  • Enclourages people to work collaboratively
  • In so doing, web pages can be created and update in a jiffy
  • Its a living and evolving resource
  • Content might not always be 100% reliable - especially if a rogue user has been at work.

In Summary: The goal of a wiki is to create a collaborative resource for a community.