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About the service/How to refer/Referral criteria

Specialised Outreach Clinics

Venue & Address
About the service/How to refer/Referral criteria
COPD Specialist Nurse Eccleshill Hospital
Eccleshill Hospital
450 Harrogate Road,
Bradford, BD10 0EP
Tel: 01274 322 196
Mobile: 07903247596

Lead by:
Robert Daw
Specialist COPD Nurse
About the Service:*
This service runs alternate week, clinics at Eccleshill
How to Refer:
  • please do spirometry before referral and send it
  • use referral form
Referral Criteria:
  • severe COPD (FEV1<30% predicted) for yearly oxygen measurements (arterial bloods) for LTOT cyanosis evident
  • cor pulmonale related to COPD (assessment of oxygen)
  • Unclear diagnosis
  • Symptomatic despite maximal therapy
  • Specialist advice
Next Spirometry training day is on XXXXX. Contact YYYYY for more information.

Pulmonary Rehab
Bradford Royal Infirmary
Duckworth Lane, Bradford, BD9 6RJ
How to Refer:
  • Normal physio form but write pulm rehab on it
  • FAO Karen Boden
Referral Criteria:
  • COPD with functional limitation
  • The COPD needs to be stable


Consultant & Location
About the service/How to refer/Referral criteria
Dr Jacob
Bradford Royal Infirmary

Dr Saralaya
Bradford Royal Infirmary

Dr Newton
Bradford Royal Infirmary

Ordering Oxygen

Venue & Address
About the service/How to refer/Referral criteria
Air Products for West Yorkshire
No specific address
About the Service:
  • Click here for a patient leaflet about them

  • Four contracted oxygen supply companies nationally: Air Products (for West Yorkshire)Allied RespiratoryBOC (Medical)Linde Gas UK
How to Refer:
  • Fill in a single Home Oxygen Order Form (HOOF)
  • State whether long term, ambulatory or short burst oxygen
  • State flow rate and usage hours needed
  • The HOOF will remain extant until a new order is required to change the O2 therapy
  • Get a consent form signed by patient to share info:
  • Send HOOF and consent directly to company
  • This system should reduce the number of repeat prescriptions required of GPs
Referral Criteria:
  • All patients should have specialist resp assessment before O2 therapy start.
  • Exception to this rule being those recieiving it for short term palliation.
  • Specialist should also be reviewing the patient.
  • If using O2 ≥ 2h per day, CONSIDER concentrators (ie using 5 or more cylinders a month)
  • WYCSA may write to you about any patient on >5 cylinders per month about the change to a concentrator: you may wish to refer for hosp assessment to confirm their O2 needs

Additional Notes

Who Can Refer to COPD Nurse at Eccleshill?Consultants, General Practitioners, Nurse Specialists. Nurse Practitioners / Practice Nurses, Crisis Intervention Team, Case Management Teams, Palliative Care Nurses, Community Hospital Matrons, District Nurses
Criteria for ReferralClinical evidence of COPD together with spirometric measurement of FEV1 measuring 50% or lower than predicted.They should also have at least three of the following criteria;
  1. Two or more hospital admissions in the last 12 months with the primary diagnosis being exacerbation of COPD
  2. Two or more A&E attendances in the last 12 months with the primary diagnosis being exacerbation of COPD
  3. A hospital admission of 4 weeks or more with the primary diagnosis being exacerbation of COPD
  4. Four or more visits to their practice in the last 12 months with needs relating to COPD (including home visits)
  5. Dyspnoea measuring grade 4 or 5 on the MRC dyspnoea scale
  6. Significant impairment in one or more major activity involved in daily living. E.g. personal hygiene.
  7. Receiving oxygen therapy

Severe COPD should have their oxygen levels measured at least yearly to check their appropriateness for Long Term Oxygen Therapy. At present many Surgeries do not have access to this facility and so the only alternative is to refer patients to the acute trust for Consultant review. This is not only a waste of resources but also often inconvenient for the patient. Patients should be referred to the COPD specialist nurse for clinic review and if further assessments (arterial blood gases) they will be referred on.
The clinics may also be used as a resource so that patients may be referred for specialist advice when a consultant review is not deemed necessary.
The clinics will be held at Eccleshill hospital at present and so patients will need to be able to make their own way there. Please refer using the specific referral form available at most practices and note that Spirometry results are a pre requisite for referral. Please contact Robert Daw if you have any further questions.