Tonsillitis/Tonsillectomy pathway:


Venue & Address
About the service/How to refer/Referral criteria
Eccleshill Community Hospital
450 Harrogate Road
BD10 0JE
Lead by:
Dr Khan
Dr Dawson
  • Remote booking

Specialised Outreach Clinics

Venue & Address
About the service/How to refer/Referral criteria
ENT Casualty
ENT outpatients
Tel: 01274 364114
For patients requiring ENT review / intervention within 1 week the patient can be referred to the casualty clinic.
Appointment only.
Please send patients with appropriate print-out / referral letter.

Typical referrals include:*
Persistent otitis externa / patients requiring microsuction clearance of debris
  • Ear infections in patients with a previous history of mastoid surgery
  • Foreign bodies in ears and noses
  • Facial nerve palsy
  • Abscesses (but systemically well)
  • Fractured nose - reviewed 1 week post-injury if patient willing and able to consider surgical correction
  • Recurrent epistaxis (not actively bleeding)

For patients who may require admission (e.g. suspected quinsy / spreading nasal or pinna cellulitis / obstructive neck swelling etc) please contact the ENT on-call SHO via main switchboard. Out-of-hours - patients can be referred to the ENT on-call SHO to book into the Casualty Clinic.

Audiology Clinic
  • Over 65s only
  • Waiting list big!
  • Referral form
  • There is an under 5s audiology form -
But if major hearing problem, refer to consultant via ENT triage
See notes below under 'Additional Notes' for hearing problems.

Neck Lump Clinic
ENT Reception
Duckworth Lane
Bradford BD9 6RJ
Lead by:
Mr Ian Smith & Mr Chris Bem
Every Weds afternoon
  • Non resolving cervical lymphadenopathy/neck masses
  • Thyroid Swelling
  • Parotid and submandibular gland swellings
  • Send or fax a referral letter (enclose patient's tel. number)
  • Referral letter clearly marked "NECK LUMP CLINIC"

Bradford teaching Hospitals

ENT Website
Head and Neck Website


All referrals to go to ENT triage through Eccleshill Hospital, not named consultant
About the service/How to refer/Referral criteria
Mr C Bem
General ENT, Head and Neck

Mr I Khan
General ENT, Cochlear Implant

Mr D Mistry
General ENT

Prof C Raine
General ENT, Cochlear Implant, Paediatric ENT

Mr I Smith
General ENT, Thyroid surgery

Mr S Sood
General ENT, Head and Neck, Rhinology, Voice Disorders

Mr D Strachan
General ENT, Cochlear Implant, Rhinology

Additional Notes

  1. GP Referral pathways for children with suspected hearing loss:

      1. Unilateral/bilateral sudden hearing loss
      2. Incapacitating dizziness with nausea
      3. Neurological presentation


    • Having considered the above urgent presentations any child with suspected hearing loss and suspected or actual ENT pathology such as unilateral persistent infection with/without discharge, discharging ears, progressive hearing loss, glue ears or persistent otalgia, should be referred to ENT. The child WILL have their hearing tested as part of the ENT referral.

    • Where there is suspected hearing loss WITHOUT suspected ENT pathology or relevant FH, the child should be referred either to:

      • aged > 5 years: refer to school nurse; If the child fails the school nurse audiology screen they will be then referred to direct access paediatric audiology and not back to the GP. A copy of the school nurse audiology report will still be sent to the GP.
      • aged <5 years: refer to direct access audiology at BRI. Some local arrangements between GP practice and HV include referral to health visitor. This can continue, the HV should then refer to direct access paediatric audiology.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Referral via Bradford and Airedale Unified Sleep Service Referral Form