Eccleshill ISTC Diagnostic & Treatment Centre

X-RAYS: Don't forget, you can also get x-rays done at Shipley Hospital Mon-Fri 9-5 tel 01274 322076 (doctor does a card, patient rings, appointment given)

Venue & Address
About the service/How to refer/Referral criteria
Day Case Procedure
Eccleshill NHS Treatment Centre
Harrogate Road
BD10 0EP
Tel: 01274 623000
How to Refer:
  • All referral forms are to be faxed or posted
  • Fax 01274 323216 (safe haven)

Diagnostic Imaging
Tel: 01274 623060
How to Refer:
  • All referrals are to be sent directly to the Diagnostic Imaging Department
  • Fax 01274 623065 (safe haven)

Main Switchboard Outpatients Unit
Tel: 01274 323200

Main Office
Tel: 01274 623000

Investigations and Services Offered

Venue & Address
About the service/How to refer/Referral criteria
Eccleshill ISTC
Tel: 01274 623060
Fax: 01274 623065
Lead by: Consultant Cardiologist
  • Plain films (Digital x-ray) Contrast x-ray Gastroscopy Colonoscopy Fluoroscopy (Ba enemas) Ultrasound CT scanning MRI
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Haemoptysis
  • Persistent cough
  • Persistent hoarseness
  • Inguinal swelling – if suitable for daycase
  • Right upper quadrant pain – routine imaging – refer to ISTC for daycase surgery if suitable
  • Dyspepsia – follow local guidelines – endoscopy at ISTC if required
  • If case is urgent they will be seen within one week.
  • Non urgent cases will be seen within two weeks.
How to Refer:
Currently fax form (using usual x-ray forms) to ISTC and they will phone patient to come for appointment Fast turn around time - will be seen within 2 weeks and results processed and back to us in 2 days

Consultant Clinics @ Eccleshill

About the service/How to refer/Referral criteria

Additional Notes

On the Day Case Form, What does ASA mean?
This is basically a system for classifying fitness levels prior to day case surgery. Eccleshill will only accept those patients with grade 1 or 2. More significant systemic disease (grades 3 and 4) will need referral to hospital instead.
  • Grade 1: Normal healthy patient (i.e.without any clinically important co morbidity and without a clinically significant past / present history)
  • Grade 2: Patient with mild systemic disease.

Which Types of Patients will Eccleshills Not Accept for Day Case Surgery?
1. Extremes of age
2. Significant obesity (BMI of 35 and above)
3. Severe physical disability
4. History of previous adverse reaction to general anaesthesia
5. History of multiple allergies
6. Previous major laparotomy / abdominal surgery
7. History of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism
8. Home / social support not available
9. ASA categories 3 and 4